The standard construction of RPL - Pressed Steel Radiators will have following specifications:

1. TYPE:

"W" Weldable construction with bare pipe ends for direct welding on transformer tank.
"F" Flanged construction, with square flange for mounting on the transformer tank through Radiator Valves.

2. FINS:

Fins are made of 1.00mm, 1.20mm & 1.60mm Thickness C.R.Sheet of "D" Grade. Firms are of following width.
226mm 3 Channels
300mm 4 Channels
380mm 5 Channels
520mm 7 Channels
520mm 6 Channels (24 Flutes)


Centre Distance Between Top & Bottom Header Pipes (CC) shall be minimum 500mm to 3000mm in steps of 100mm with following tolerances:
1mm Upto 2000mm center distance
2mm Above 2000mm center distance


Four or more fins can be provided with pitch between adjacent fins of 40mm, 50mm or 75mm measure at Header pipes


Fabricated Header pipe made of 2mm thick C R following Diameter.
Diameter 50mm
Diameter 60mm
Diameter 75mm
Diameter 90mm


Type "F" Radiators shall be provided with two numbers of 150mm square flanges having 4os. 20mm diameter holes on pitch circle diameter of 160mm. Thickness of flanges shall be 12mm, 16mm and 18mm depending upon centre distance and number of fins.


For "SF" Type construction one number air vent plug on top header pipe and one number drain plug on bottom header pipe can be provided on each radiator.

8 BRANCING STRAPS: Brancing Straps of size 25 X 6 mm mild steel flats or ø 8mm Bright bar shall be provide for each Radiator. Number of pairs of such bracing straps shall be as per IEEMA - 9 -90

PAINTING PROCESS: External Coating: Surface Treatment: Radiators are grit blasted with sa ½ after pressure testing. Grit blasting ensures that the entire surface area is cleaned and no contamination, oil traces or rust is left out. The grit blasting process also gives the necessary profile which facilities paint adhesion on metal. Ronak can offer the following paint systems as per customer requirement.

Radiators externally coated with synthetic Enamel paint, final paint shade as per client Specifications.Radiators externally coated with Epoxy paint, final paint shade as per client specifications. Radiators externally coated with ZInc tich printer + Epoxy MIO + Polyurethane paint, final paint shade as per client specifications. Spray glavanized Radiators and coated with any of the above mentioned paint systems. Ronak can offer paint system that can fulfill any of the ISO Global Corrosion standard.


Roank can offer a verity of option for internal coating of radiator.

Surface Treatment: 

The radiators are first thoroughly cleaned with wire brush followed by dry air purging to ensure all the dust is thrown out of the radiator. After dry air purging an electromagnet in inserted in the header pipe to ensure that no metallic contaminations is allowed to remain inside the header pipe.
After the cleaning following internal coates canbe applied. Radiator internally coated with phenolic resin based hot oil resistant varnish with a temperature index of 120° C. Heat transfer chart will be provide on request (Due to continuous product development, the specification are subject to change without notice.)


  • All Radiators after all assembly undergo full dimensional check.
  • All Radiators are pressure tested at 2kg/cmsq. Under water for 30mins.
  • After painting the paint thickness is measured on all the radiators and paint peel-off test is carried out as per ASTM 33 59 83 is performed on randomlu selected radiator.
  • Packing inspection to ensure ssafe delivery to the customers end.
  • Radiaots are tested as required by customers to withstand a vacuum of 5hg obsolute for one hour for permanent deflection of the section which shall not exceed ± 0.5mm


We are fully equipted for the testing as per IEEMA & DIN standards.
Steel measuring tape
Digital thickness meter
Shot / grit blasting rougness guage
Dry film thickness test for paint, lacquer and glavanize.


End plate of each radiator shall be embossed with "RPL" name and punched with customer reference and manufacturer's serial no. on flange. as required, radiator shall be strapped on wooden box or packed in wooden crates with marketing on planks, furnishing customer reference number radiator size and no. of radiators.